What is responsive website design? Mobile, Tablet & PC...

Responsive design means that our websites will respond to screen size and devices such as smart phones (mobile), tablets and PC's. Kick back and let us explain it for you in our short demonstration movie below!

You and I, as well as our customers are increasingly using mobile devices to visit websites.  We are quite literally joined to the hip with smart phones.  It is time to have a website that responds well to varying screen sizes.

Responsive Website Development

A responsive website changes its appearance and layout based on the size of the screen that the website is being displayed on.  Responsive sites can be designed to make the text larger and more readable on small screens, as well as make images larger.  Websites can also be configured to make the buttons on the phones screen easier to press, so that navigation becomes easier.

Responsive e-Marketing

We are now offering branded & mobile responsive e-letter templates to our ABC clients. This solution allows the client to easily maintain their email marketing campaigns with professional presentation and branded to their company as a packaged solution & service.

Market to mobile

Why use Responsive Design?

Niche Ignite have felt it strange that many companies had multiple versions of their website, doubling up on maintenance of the same information but over several websites.  There is a code and it can simply tell content blocks to reorganise themselves to suit the screen size.

3 best things about it

1The display size of text and images adapts to screen size for optimal viewing- no more pinch and zoom.

2The navigation is better from most smart phones- allowing for complete rearrangement of your website navigation.

3No need for multiple versions of your website (smart phone, tablet, laptop &desktop) – ‘one size fits all’.


Practice what we preach

Multiple versions of a website does not make sense.  In some cases, different versions of a website may be hosted in a separate location which is inefficient with domain & hosting costs and the double up of maintenance. 

Times are a changing.  Niche Ignite continues to evolve with the digital world, offering clients the most contemporary and forward focused solution in graphics, design and website development.  The responsive architecture models are fundamental in Niche Ignite projects.  Any website rebuild or new site will only benefit from responsive design.

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